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Bold Climbers

Bold Climbers presents the results of a series of workshops (or labzone, as they call them) ran by Jelena Martinovic with students of HEAD (Geneva School of Art and Design) during a period of several months. The book collects essays, records of high mountaineering expeditions and a portfolio of artworks around the themes of alpinism, art, and the psychological notion of peak performance.
The content is organised to build a symmetric progression through the book, which is to say two essays, the portfolio as a culminating point, and the last two essays. The text layout is reminiscent of late 19th century books on one side and a more modern construction of the page on the other, accommodating bilingual versions of the texts interrupted by visual anecdotes of the expeditions treated to generate an effect of moiré patterns.

Edited by Jelena Martinovic, with Vincent Barras, Maxime Guitton, Merel van Tilburg, Stefan Benchoam, Pauline Cazorla, Guillaume Dénerveaud, Aldric Lamblin, Sarah Margnetti, Mathias Pfund, Aude Richards, Vincent de Roguin, Pierre Szczepski, Luca Schenardi, Konstantin Sgouridis, Annabelle Voisin, Héloïse Verdan, Vivian Suter, Elisabeth Wild. Published by Cordyceps Press, Lausanne
Softcover, 104 pages, 21.4 × 31.8 cm, 2016

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